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Term eConsulting Service for Process Improvement Using SPC / Six Sigma Tools

There is a pressing need for continual improvement of manufacturing and service processes in today's uncertain business environment. Implementing Six Sigma projects is one way to achieve this.

Our eConsulting service is ideal for small business owners, managers responsible for SPC / Six Sigma implementation, and, management consultants venturing into SPC / Six Sigma consultancy.

With our help, an organization can improve the quality and effectiveness of its processes using SPC / Six Sigma Tools in just 90 days !

How ?

You may follow the Six Sigma DMAIC approach (define, measure, analyse, improve, and, control) in any improvement initiative.

For this, you have to

  1. Identify the areas for improvement
  2. Identify the key input and output variables (KIVs & KOVs) that are critical to quality / schedule / cost
  3. Collect the relevant data and analyse them using C&E Diagram, Pareto, Histogram, Scatter Plot, SPC Control Chart, etc., and
  4. Based on the analysis, take corrective and preventive actions to improve the process and install an on-going control scheme (such as SPC chart or EPC chart) to sustain the improvement.

Details of eConsulting Service for Process Improvement Using SPC / Six Sigma Tools (Code: C0029)

Our consultant shall help you to understand the Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Six Sigma concepts and tools, identify improvement projects, and help you to plan and execute the improvement projects.

Salient Features of the Service:
  • Our consultant shall first gather the required information through a questionnaire. Client may be asked to furnish some data for preliminary analysis.
  • Based on the information provided by the client, consultant shall carry out initial data analysis and assist the client to identify the improvement projects.
  • Our consultant shall also send executive training material (Power Point slides) on "Statistical Process Control (SPC)" and "Six Sigma", and answer queries on the topics covered in the training material.
  • We shall conduct on-line tests on the above-mentioned topics (optional) for ONE person from the client organization (generally the person in-charge of Six Sigma implementation) and issue the training certificates (both hard copy and scanned softcopy). He/she is expected to train the remaining people in the client organization.
  • As the Six Sigma projects take-off, our consultant shall assist the client to analyse various data (or analyse the data all by himself / herself) using appropriate statistical tools. Our consultant shall also help the client draw meaningful conclusions from data analysis.
  • Our consultant shall also hold joint review of Six Sigma project status alongwith the client and offer the necessary advice.
  • Consultant shall answer the Six Sigma project-related queries through email / chat / phone.
General Profile of Consultants:

Our consultants are graduate engineers (B.Tech / B.E. / B.Sc.-Engg.) with post-graduate degree / diploma in technology (M.Tech / M.E./ M.Sc.-Engg.) or management (MBA). They have also undergone further training in the field of SPC / Six Sigma.

Apart from formal educational qualifications, each consultant has over fifteen (15) years' work experience in manufacturing / service industry.

Our consultants have helped many organizations to successfully implement SPC / Six Sigma.

Fee and Service Terms:
  • All communication and document preparation shall be in English.
  • Our consultancy fee shall be Indian Rupees 20,060 (US$ 275) (for one factory / office of one organisation only) payable at sign-up.
  • Support shall be provided for a period of 90 days from the date of receipt of sign-up fee.
  • Service Extension (Code: C0030): If the client wishes to avail support beyond 90 days, a convenient service extension option is available for a fee of Indian Rupees 7,080 (US$ 95) for 30 days from the date of receiving the extension fee.

Ordering and Mode of Payment:

Please click here to visit our e-Shop and place order now. You can make an instant payment online (Credit Card / PayPal / eCheck / Internet Banking) or generate a Proforma Invoice and make payment off-line (Bank Demand Draft / Check) within 30 days.

Click here to send a service enquiry right now.

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