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StatsDesk - Statistical Data Analysis Service (Code: C0041)

Why Statistics ?

In today's world, a good manager is judged by the way he/she takes decisions. He/she bases his/her decisions on facts and figures. Of course, the quality of decision depends on the quality of data as well as the use of appropriate statistical tools for analysis.

Typical areas of application of statistical tools are ...

  • Market surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Sales forecasting
  • Inventory control
  • Sampling inspection
  • Industrial process control (SPC, EVOP, etc.)
  • PPM Analysis (Six-sigma computations)
  • Industrial experimentation and R&D (DoE, Taguchi Techniques)
  • Product reliability testing
  • Analysis of shop-floor rejections, and
  • Machine downtime/fault analysis.

The GQV advantage

We have a highly qualified and experienced team of Statisticians and Engineers, all of them possessing post-graduate degree from reputed institutions such as the Indian Statistical Institute.

Our experts can help you design the data collection schemes, analyse your data, and interpret the results.

Salient Features:

  • Service of highly qualified and experienced statistical experts at very affordable fee.
  • Fee shall be in multiples of Indian Rupees 3,245 (US$ 45), depending upon the units of service estimated for a given job (minimum 1 unit).
  • Very convenient interactions by e-mail / chat / phone
  • Down-to-earth interpretation of complex analysis, and
  • Seven days/week support throughout the year

How to go about ?

Step 1: Send us an online enquiry, describing your requirement in detail and asking for a quote.

We shall send an estimate of the total fee.

Step 2: Pay the fees on-line through e-Shop or off-line through cheque/ demand draft. Also send the data (in the form of Excel file/ database file) and other relevant information asked by our statistical expert, through e-mail.

On receipt of payment and the data we shall carry out data analysis and send the report through e-mail.

Step 3: You may interact with the assigned statistical expert through e-mail / chat / phone and clarify your queries regarding the analysis and interpretation of results.

Click here to send an enquiry now.

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